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About Spitfire Theatre

Spitfire Theatre Company was formed in 2013 

We provide touring theatre, focusing particularly on rural venues throughout the midlands. We bring our well known Spitfire "bounce" to theatres, village halls, open spaces and a variety of unique venues all year round.

Our Summer Shakespeare tour has a particularly interesting setup. We open casting opportunities to students as well as professional actors, usually creating a 50/50 split each year. Showcasing the talents of students, while working alongside professionals was one of the fundamental reasons Spitfire was created. Often described as a "Learning" Theatre Company, we focus our energies on training the actor's of the future, as well as entertaining the audiences of today. Our partnerships with Rugby college and Midlands Actor's Studio do much to ensure this continues as we move forward.

Spitfire produces a number of productions a year

and welcome new venue applications throughout the year.

Contact us today for more information.



Artistic Director and Founder of Spitfire



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